What comes new in Instagram Reel?

What comes new in Instagram Reel?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media. Personal profile and Business profile fetch the most of the people towards it. 1/3 of the people on Instagram visit business profile daily. Here it comes new in Instagram reel, which change it.

About new feature: – REEL

Reel comes new in Instagram feature to record and create short videos of 15 seconds. It seems little similar like stories or boomerang but it has more than this. Now you can record your short video with background music, you can fetch music from other reels. Audio can use from Instagram other user to create your own reel videos. Here video is creating in small-small clips you can pause or you can delete that clip just by slide it to left. You can add stickers, drawing and text to your reel. If you need to download just click and save in your device gallery. After final edit just share it on your story by tab share and it’s done. 

Where you found it?

On the top left corner camera sign, when you open camera from bottom you can scroll and select reel. Just slide to right for reel.

What it comes with?

 In reel you enjoy short video, if you need to put effect just click on effect. You can get multiple effects which can use in between creating video. Any time you can just hold you video and add effect which you want to add and continue from that point again by implementing that effect. You can add multiple effects in single short video of 15 seconds.

Hope you enjoy this and Enjoy the What Comes New In Instagram – REEL.

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