7 top trending social media app 2020


Social Media are interactive way app’s that give different and unique life-changing technology links. Nowadays people not know only near living, you can get in touch to anyone at any corner of the World. More idea and change of time make it professional and personal use, it not stops over here. You can find quick result of news, update, nearby happening, open and close of shops. First it was only about fun and chats, interesting way of interaction between people. Entry of business potential into Social Media changes it viewpoint and use, it force application designer to think about it. One smart world is now in everyone pocket i.e. Smartphone. Internet usages of mobile is counted that most of people spend internet on Social Media App.

Today we come up with 7 top trending social media app 2020. Otherwise you can have millions of app at your app store or play store with amazing features.

Tik Tok

TikTok is video sharing app. It use for short time videos of comedy, lip-sync, dance, fun and talent. Many people earn well cash flow by popularity of videos and profile. Creative minds use it according to their own talent. These video can share to other social platform also, user can give download access which help him to sharing on large scale by follower. It is most trending app in 2020 who make it value in very short time periods than other social media app.  


To green square people called it ohh it’s whatsapp. Very popular messaging app which is becomes first priority in download when you get fresh mobile. Flexibility of this app is you can have it on your phone, computer by web, and browser side with extensions. It allows text message, images, videos (limited file size), document files and voice messages. It’s not end here you can make voice call, video call and group call in both voice and video. Creating groups of people is best way to convey any info or message to multiple people in single sharing.  Next latest version of WhatsApp Business with great feature of auto message, catalog and labels to categories your customer.


Ghost sign attract your attention with something seems to horror with twist it belong to multimedia. It designs with very unique idea of vanish your stories in 24 hours. Chat with your friends is like ghost once you switch other friend for chat. May be due to this they have ghost in logo. Snapchat create very creative filter which make user funny faces. You can view different people stories all around the world with map, explore new things. Life’s more fun when you live in the moment!


When the name Instagram comes in social app 2020, never miss “#hashtag”. New world of #hashtag make easy for search and this #hashtag “#gswebstudio10” make you popular. Instagram give you two profile categories one is personal and second is business profile. You can share images, videos and live streaming, it is most popular platform where you have millions of followers. Stories of your memories on profile remain your memories fresh always. Your attractive profile with daily post using right #hashtag according to your profile give you more like, comment and follower.  


This social app 2020 is not always of sharing images, videos and messages like other social app.  It is career building online social app which post articles and offer job vacancy. Valuable connection directly participate job seeker to the company who seeking job. LinkedIn is very beneficial for that who participate in interesting groups, sharing articles and involve other in there topics.


Facebook is the biggest social member platform in social app 2020. Facebook play epic rule in the socializing life of people. Facebook help people to find their old friends, start again fresh connection between each other. Many of the website give you login with Facebook as it give competition to Gmail login. Facebook pages and group for sharing info is best from other. Every news spread like fire on this platform. It’ business pages categories make easy consumer to find and have conversion through messenger with auto reply messages and other features.


Classy design of numerous images, clips, links which make you busy with its appearance one after one with same choice. Simple rules create board, either you have not anything from yourself to put but you can pin or share other into your board which is great way make collections of your likes. Pinterest make easy for searching latest trends of every design medium. Artist get motivate by showing their skills of design when they get follower and people get to know about them.


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